At Elite Housekeeping more than cleaning, looking after families

Our Approach

Our Approach

Your home is unique as you are and should be a sanctuary.  A place of calm, order and beauty where to return after the daily battle. A place to share with the people we love, nourishing dreams and restoring the energy levels to pursuing them.

We take care of the house chores so you can take care of life. By designing a housekeeping plan according to your needs, restoring order  and embellishing your home we will give you the time to look after what is really important; yourself and your family.

Our Story

We help busy families to enjoy more time together living in beautiful homes without worrying about cleaning and organizing

Our philosophy is simple, at Elite Housekeeping more than cleaning, we look after families. Because we are mothers and professionals ourselves, we understand the pressures of the modern life, working full time and having to look after the house and the family. We know the struggle of trying to grow a business or career and still need to squeeze in some “me” time.  Life happens and we can get overwhelmed with health issues, the birth of a child, downsizing or working from home among many life transitions and help is needed.
Doesn’t matter the circumstances, we are here to help you to relieve the stress and burden of the house chores so you can focus in what is really important in life, your dreams and your love ones.

The Elite System makes easy to select the right help for your home:
-Tailored housekeeping plans:
Every home is different and require special care. A plan is made according to the lifestyle of the family, type of house and season.
-Trustworthy housekeepers
We understand the importance of trust and relationship building, that is way you will have allocated the same team every time. They get to know you and your home needs so they can help you better. All of our staff is police checked and abide to our code of privacy and conduct for your peace of mind.
-Environmentally friendly cleaning products
Forget about running to the shops to buy cleaning products, we are equipped with everything needed for your service. And because we care about our environment, your home and family, we only use environmentally friendly cleaning products. Safe for you, your children and pets.
-Cashless service
No more rushing to get cash for the cleaner!
Safe and easy online payment for your convenience and security.
-Satisfaction warranty
We strive for your total satisfaction so our services are backed up for the Elite Warranty.
In the unlike event that something is not up to standard our team will get back to rectify the issue.


Order and practicality

Image having a home that is clutter free and organized. Where there is room to breathe and everything is in its place, ready for when you need it. Our practical, hands on approach, will provide you with the knowledge, help and  tools to make your home your own, beautiful and unique.



Green and healthy

A clean home starts with clean, safe products. By using only use natural, non toxic, Eco friendly  products and color coded microfibers clothes to achieve the best results without harming the environment we also help to protect your family's health. Good for the Earth, good for you.

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Worry Free Housekeeping

Good housekeeping starts with a good plan. A plan that contemplates your unique needs and lifestyle. From keeping the closet organized according to seasons, scheduling a deep, spring cleaning or coordinating handyman's services we are here to help. Get by your side the peace of mind of having all your home needs coordinated with one call.  Housekeeping is personal again.

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