It’s really possible to clean without chemicals? What is all the fuss about the “magic erasers”?

It’s really possible to clean without any chemicals?

What is all the fuss about the “Magic Erasers”?

You heard it from a friend at the school run. Rebeca swears by it. Mr Robinson too. But what are really this “magic erasers” and are they any good?

Most people are skeptical regarding cleaning without using harsh chemicals, or even a more alien thought: cleaning using only water?!  From my own personal experience, I can tell you that they are fantastic. As professionals here at Elite Housekeeping, we are always looking for the most effective, Eco friendly and healthy way to get the job done.  We have had the opportunity to try them out in a thousand different situations and they come as a winner every time.

But what are they?

They’re made of a porous melamine material and look foam-like, very white and lightweight. They have the ability to get into hard-to-clean surfaces and all it takes to works its magic is a dab of water to moisten the Magic Eraser.  No other cleaning chemicals needed …and no much effort either!

Where to use the magic cleaning erasers? This are our favourite uses

110 uses for the Magic Erasers around your home

  • remove dried paint from door hinges
  • Clean shower glass and frames
  • Clean faucets
  • Clean sinks
  • remove tarnish from silver
  • remove mould & mildew from anything plastic
  • clean & polish gold jewellery
  • remove soap scum in the tub and shower
  • remove marks on walls
  • clean splatters inside the microwave
  • remove marks on vinyl siding
  • clean mirrors in the bathroom (keeps shower mirrors from fogging)
  • remove adhesive residue after removing stickers
  • remove waterline mark around the pool
  • remove hair dye from counter tops & floors
  • clean light-coloured suede
  • remove black scuff marks from baseboards (where the vacuum cleaner hits)
  • clean the outdoor side of window sills stained from leaves, dust and dirt
  • clean plastic coolers inside and out (…even dirty ones used by men with greasy hands!)
  • remove rust spots & stains on counter top
  • remove cooked-on stains in pots and pans (no use in non -stick finish!)
  • remove soot off the walls near the fireplace
  • clean within the grooves of lawn ornaments
  • clean sticky/dusty range hood over the stove
  • remove nail polish spills or stains
  • clean silicone cookie sheets & bake ware (the kind with all those tiny grooves)
  • clean oven shelves & the grates on the grill
  • remove wet nose marks from pets on the windows (even car windows)
  • remove toothpaste splashes from bathroom mirrors
  • remove melted plastic on the side of the toaster oven
  • remove grimy green algae from cement (bird baths, steps, ponds, etc)
  • clean stained elbows from dirty work
  • remove green mildew from siding and gutters
  • remove paint spills & oversprays
  • remove toilet bowl rings (cut a piece off & let it set in your toilet overnight; don’t flush it; doesn’t always work)
  • Remove yellow stains for toilet seats.
  • remove built-up algae, water deposits, etc from ceramic flower pots
  • clean dish drainers that are gunked with lime and build-up
  • remove bird poop from concrete bird bath
  • remove coffee & tea stains that remain inside a mug, carafe, thermos even after washing
  • clean the plastic agitator inside your washing machine
  • clean window screens (even when they are still in the window)
  • remove built-up baked on grease inside the deep fryer
  • clean inside the crock pot
  • remove melted plastic on a glass top stove
  • clean swimming pool steps
  • remove baked on brown spots on cookware
  • clean antiques & collectibles
  • polish collectible coins (Beware that some coin experts recommend that you do NOT clean coins)
  • clean & shine things up before you sell them in a yard sale
  • clean boat & outdoor furniture upholstery
  • clean vinyl striping on motorhomes, vans, boats
  • clean car tires, including white walls
  • clean pebbled surfaces like the outside of plastic coolers
  • remove pet & child vomit from carpet or clothing
  • remove scuff marks on motorcycle & ATV helmets
  • remove grass stains from shoes after mowing the lawn
  • remove scuff marks from hangers/shoes in the walk-in closet
  • clean oven door
  • remove pollen from patio furniture, cars, etc.
  • remove soap scum and gunk from around the bathroom faucets
  • remove hairspray build-up on countertops and vanities
  • remove soap scum inside porcelain & utility sinks
  • clean stained caulking along the kitchen sink & countertop
  • clean your bicycle, even the tires & rims
  • clean tile & grout
  • remove mildew from tents, vinyl canopies, awnings, fiberglass items
  • remove paint overspray that has dried
  • remove shoe marks from the kickplate of house doors & car doors
  • clean inside your car (along the handles, window ledge, arm rests, dashboard)
  • remove scuff marks and dirt from linoleum floors
  • remove stains on leather seats, purses, chairs, etc.
  • remove food stains inside plastic food containers
  • remove brake dust from tire rims
  • remove dirt and grime on a vinyl convertible top
  • remove nail polish from walls, carpets, wooden objects, plastic
  • remove soil or scuff marks from ceramic tile flooring
  • clean non-skid surfaces with tiny grooves (bathtub floors, refrigerator handles, pool steps, cooler lids)
  • clean & shine bathroom faucets & fixtures
  • remove magic marker, permanent marker, and ballpoint ink from virtually any surface
  • clean doll faces
  • clean textured handles on major appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator, stove)
  • remove fingerprints and dirt on light-coloured kitchen cupboards
  • clean inside of the refrigerator
  • Cleaning fans
  • Cleaning air conditioner grills and fronts
  • remove crayon marks from walls
  • remove dirt from plastic trash cans
  • remove dark paint on light-coloured carpet
  • clean soap scum and oils from hot tub
  • clean a car’s vinyl interior (gets into the tiny crinkles in the vinyl armrest, etc.)
  • clean white porch railings, columns & pillars
  • remove bugs from car windshield, grille, and bumper
  • remove paint scratches on your car from minor fender benders
  • remove rust and corrosion that’s built-up on the outside of pipes (kitchen/bathroom)
  • clean & shine hubcaps
  • remove built-up grime on the car steering wheel
  • remove finger prints & build-up on the keyboard and mouse
  • remove marks from writing desks.
  • remove oxidized paint from an old car
  • remove built-up gunk from vinyl seats
  • remove tar from your car’s paint
  • remove set-in stains inside glass and plastic pitchers
  • remove scuff marks from the back of car seats (from kids’ shoes)
  • clean kids’ plastic toys
  • remove dirt and grime from athletic shoes and shoes with leather uppers
  • remove stains on the underside of the toilet seat and around the toilet seat hinges
  • remove fingerprint & handprints from light-coloured doors & walls
  • remove scuff marks from your patio furniture
  • remove built up dirt & grime from RV awnings and door frames

How to get the most out of Magic Eraser blocks?

  1. For cleaning small areas, just Cut each Magic Eraser into 4 equal-sized pieces. This way, you get 4 times the amount of cleaning out of 1 single block and is even easier to use.
  2. Lightly mist one small piece of the cleaning block with water, to avoid over saturating and dripping around.
  3. Scrub lightly with the Magic Eraser, then wipe the area with a wet towel to avoid smearing the dirt and grime and remove any residue. Avoid using in very shiny or glossy finishing items. Always try in an unsuspicious area first.
  4. When grime starts accumulating in your block, just rinse it clean, squeeze excess water and is ready to go back to work.

This is a short list of only 110 uses we have found for these wonderful little helpers. For sure you will find even more around your home, when you do, please let us know so we can add it to the list!